3 on 3 BASKETBALL May 7th & 8th 2016

Tournament Rules

APPLE BLOSSOM 3on3 Basketball MAY 6TH & 7TH, 2017
Contact Brett McGinnis 509.860.5713 or FACEBOOK appleblossom3on3@gmail.com

The director of the tournament has the final say on any challenges of players, teams and/or referee calls. Good sportsmanship and respectable behavior will be expected. Teams are responsible for their teammates and fans, if any person’s behavior is in violation and considered unsportsmanlike, the team and/or their fans may be ejected from the tournament and will be required to vacate the event.

Player Rules:Players may only play on one team per bracket, all changes in players must be done in writing and with the director’s approval. Underrating the ability of a team may result in disqualification. There will be no refunds due to non-participation, cancellation or disqualification.

Checked Ball: The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play. The ball must be passed to begin play.*

Free Throw Shooting Distance: The distance for free throws will be fifteen feet for all brackets.*

Stealing the Ball:Players in all age categories may steal the ball when being passed in for a dead ball situation.*

*Rule Exceptions for Grades 1st/2nd & 3rd/4th: The initial pass after the “checked” ball may not be contested. However, the player receiving the initial pass must be behind the free-throw line extended. The free throw distance will be ten feet. The ball must be allowed the first pass in before stealing the ball.

Fouls: In most brackets, the participating players will call their own fouls. Court monitors will call fouls for Grades three through eight. All fouls on shot attempts will result in one free throw shot, except on successful field goal. A change of possession will result regardless of whether the free throw shot is made or missed. After a fouls shot the ball will be placed in to play from the back arc. Team fouls seven and above will result in two free throws. If a player is fouled and makes the basket while the players team is in the bonus situation, the basket counts and one fouls shot is award to the player. This applies regardless of whether it was a one point or two point basket. Players who are fouled and make a basket before the bonus situation simply receive the points for the basket and no foul shot is awarded.

Technical Fouls: A technical foul will be called for unsportsmanlike acts such as taunting, bailing or trash talk, or unnecessary rough play. All technical fouls will result in one free throw and offended team is awarded the ball. Two technical on the same player will result in removal from the game and tournament.

First Ball: A coin toss prior to each game will determined which team gets the ball out of bounds first.

Length of Games: The target score for all games is twenty points, meaning the first player to twenty points within twenty five minutes of play is declared the winner. Play is stopped after twenty first minutes and the team with the lead is the winner. If the score is tied, overtime will be played. A coin toss will determine who gets the ball prior to overtime play. The team scoring the first two points wins the game. The clock is stopped for payer injury or other unusual circumstances determined by the court monitor or director. If a team is intentionally stalling to run out the clock, a technical foul will be called.Games and game times may be altered or cancelled due to weather or unforeseen events.


Jump Ball: In a jump ball situation, the ball will first go to the team which lost the opening coin toss, alternating possessions thereafter.

Keeping Score: All made baskets from inside the two point arc count as one point and made baskets from outside the two-point arc count as two points. The court monitor is the official score keeper of all games.

Time Outs: Each team is awarded one time out per game. This includes overtime games.

Taking it Back: The ball will be taken back on each change for possession, regardless of whether of not the shot was attempted. Failure to “take it back” result in loss of possession on any points just scored. “Taking it back” meaning bringing your whole body and the ball behind the arc at the top, not the sidelines.

Dunking: Dunking is not allowed at any time, including during warm-up. Dunking will be construed as an unsportsmanlike act and will result in a technical foul.

Have Fun! Make Good Choices! Play Safe! Play Smart!



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